Kevin Harper

Kevin began working in the aviation industry in 1978. His long journey began at Louis Armstrong International Airport as a fueler, fueling aircraft for major airlines and was also responsible for the maintenance of their fleet of aircraft fueling trucks.

In 1982, Kevin graduated from Delgado Community College in New Orleans, with a double Bachelor of Science degrees in Airframe Theory and Powerplant Theory. After graduation Kevin earned his A&P license.

Kevin began working for Eastern Airlines as a cleaner and was responsible for cleaning and refurbishing the interior of Easternís aircraft. He performed this job until 1983, when a mechanicís position became open in New Orleans. He worked as a mechanic and was then transferred by Eastern Airlines in 1985 as a flight line mechanic to Atlanta Hartsfield International Airport. While in Atlanta, he performed all aspects of airframe and power plant, specializing in A-Checks and overnight checks with on hands avionics training and experience. After a couple of years Kevin transferred back to New Orleans as a mechanic with Eastern Airlines.

After Eastern Airlines went out of business Kevin began working for Freeport-McMoran as their Maintenance Foreman. Kevin held this position from 1988 till 1998 at which time Freeport McMoran sold itís aircraft and closed itís aviation department. Kevin was responsible for the maintenance of company aircraft. He also handled larger tasks, such as out of town C-Checks, and aircraft refurbishing. Kevin traveled with the aircraft internationally for preventative maintenance. Kevin received extensive training and schooling in all aspects of maintenance for 727, 757, 767 and Gulfstream III. This training took place at the Boeing facility in Seattle, Washington and Gulfstream training in Savannah, Georgia.

Kevin began working for Ground Services Corporation at the Louis Armstrong International Airport in 1996, part time, as an on call mechanic. After Freeport McMoran closed its aircraft operations, Kevin began working full time with Ground Services and worked for them from 1996 to 2010. While at Ground Services he was the chief on call mechanic for aircraft as well as the shop foreman, overseeing the repair and maintenance of the companyís ground equipment as well as repairing ground servicing equipment for major airlines and ground support companies in New Orleans. Kevin also was integral in the working of all charter flights, domestic and international. Kevin was instrumental in working with major airlines, FBOs and charter companies while employed by Ground Services.

Kevin brings his vast knowledge and experience to Nola Aviation, LLC.


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